Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pete Pope - Funeral Details

Pete in 2006 (Thanks to Dalva)

Pete Pope's funeral is to take place at 10.45am at Hither Green Crematorium on  Friday 15th June 2012 followed by refeshments at the Dog and Bell from about 11.30am.

Hither Green Crematorium
Verdant Lane

The Dog and Bell PH, 
116 Prince Street

Flowers to ride with the herse need to be available at the Funeral Directors by 10am on the day or the day before anytime between 8:30am
and 4pm.

Constable & Toop 
Funeral Directors
589 Downham Way
Bromley, Kent
020 8695 1940

There will be a mass cycle ride from Deptford to the crematorium so get in training. (Participation in this bit is not actually compulsory, but if you do cycle on the day make certain you have decent means of securing your bycycle.)

Billy Jenkins (Guitarist, Composer, Bandleader, Performer & Humanist Funeral Officiant.... ) will be officating at the funeral. (Hopefully his teeth fit better than the last 'Humanist Officiant' Popey and I endured.)

I will tweet, fb and blog any updates, but you can join the Pete Pope mailing list by following this LINK and filling the form.

Both in Deptford and further afield a number of us are embarking on the task of compiling some sort of record of Pete's nearly 63 years on the planet. The number and diversity of Pete's involvements in Deptford would fill a book, but little is known of his early years. This is not helped by the fact that the only things well known before Pete's arrival at Rose Bruford College some decades ago are his date of birth, that his father was a local journalist and that said father taught him the golden rule of spelling people's names correctly. But, having said that, Rose Bruford was Pete's entrance to Deptford and going by the photograph below it was quite an entrance.

Pete's class at Rose Bruford

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  1. Hi, I'd love to get in touch with someone that knew Pete. He may be a relative of mine. Thanks