Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Convoys Wharf: Aedas Scheme on the Rocks

Yesterday the architectural journal Building Design (BDonline) reported that the Aedas architects scheme put forward on behalf of site owners Hutchison Whampoa had been withdrawn.Earlier this afternoon the following 'Reader Comment' was posted on the story:

"A statement from Aedas: This article is factually incorrect. Hutchinson, who are the applicant for the scheme, have not withdrawn the application. However, following the receipt of responses as part of the statutory consultation process, they are pausing to reflect before deciding on a way forward."

There is only one 'n' in Hutchison and if I were reading this on the upper floor of a Hong Kong tower block I would be writing a somewhat corruscating email to Aedas. If a firm of architects cannot be bothered to get their client's name right then what hope is there that they will get the design right. Whether it has been formally withdrawn, or not, is a red herring as it is simply not going anywhere.

Back to the story; BD's Elizabeth Hopkirk focuses on the efforts by Willi Richards and others to obtain formal protection for the entire former Royal Dockyard site (in addition to the already protected structures) quoting Willi, LB Lewisham head of planning John Miller, English Heritage's Malcolm Woods and Jon Wright from the Council for British Archaeology. BD has been reporting on the Convoys Wharf planning saga for many years and if you are not already a registered user of the site it is time that you were.

As for the Aedas design, it is the usual sort of nowheresville north-west Europe stuff, but was best described by Fenster Grau in another BD Reader Comment on 15 September 2011:

"This is how the German Democratic Republic would have looked if their economy had worked."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Progress in Work #2

Andrew at
ExtraBones emails to tell me of their next project at the Utrophia Space 120 Deptford High Street, SE8 4NS (close to Deptford Station).

Progress In Work is a series of intensive mini-residency/open studio shows curated by Extra Bones. The public is invited to join in or just come and observe / meet the artists at work in the space at any point during the three day project.

The Project runs March 2nd - March 4th;
Friday 12:00-6:00 - Saturday 12:00-6:00 & late, 7:00 - 10:00 - Sunday 12:00-4:00

The show will take the shape of a sound and vision den / installation, evolving organically throughout the three days, using materials, inspiration, and help, from exhibition visitors, and the high street. The creative process will be exposed at every stage, and left open to the effects of the setting it has been placed in.

Friday will be a material gathering day, the construction will be planned, sound will be recorded, and drawings will be made.

Saturday will see the drawings, now processed into screens, printed onto various surfaces, the recorded sounds will be effected and manipulated, and the den take it's full form. There will also be a late opening that evening until 10pm.

On Sunday further conclusions and additions will be made and the project will draw to a close.

Three carefully chosen artists will be working on Progress In Work #2, Extra Bones is proud to present;

Jack Brown, who will be designing and constructing the frame for the den. Bernie Kerr, who will be composing a sound piece for the space, which will be played on various speakers. Hugh Barrell, who will be drawing and screen printing in the space, onto materials which will be used for the den itself.

General information and links:
Extra Bones is a shop, a trading post, a collection display, and a HQ for art, music and workshop projects, related or unrelated to the main Utrophia exhibitions.

Previous Extra Bones projects include:
Draw and be drawn - a series of free drop in portrait drawing workshops,
Lunch Music - a series of free diverse gigs on Saturday lunch times, and
Channelling The Machine - a musical and drawing response to Ben Parry's Deptford Machine exhibition.

This is the second Progress in Work project, for photos and documentation of the first, please see here

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lembik Opik on a Deptford roof top

A few days ago there was a brief (very) flurry of interest regarding Lembit Opik's appearance in a pop video.

Earlier today architects Squire and Partners tweeted that it "was shot on roof of our Creekside West development in Deptford,". It is nice to note that the architects know where it is because developers Telford Homes still think it is in Greenwich.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paynes & Borthwick Wharves on the move again

Today's property section in the Hong Kong Standard carries an article singing the praises of the Paynes & Borthwick Wharves development in Borthwick Street, Deptford. Works on the site stopped about four years ago when the property market crashed.

Hong Kong newspapers are usually better at checking facts than their English counterparts, but on this occasion there appears to a slight failure. Writer Xavier Ng would have us believe that:

"The development is adjacent to the 74-hectare Greenwich Park, the oldest of London's enclosed royal parks, providing a balance of the hustle and bustle with a grassland habitat for birds, fallow and red deer."

but we are, for once, also informed that:

"Deptford and Greenwich areas provide a full range of bars and restaurants with a wide range of cuisines, from African to Malaysian."

An exhibition for potential buyers takes place at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel (15 Queen's Road Central, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong) from 11.00am - 7.00pm Friday - Sunday 10th - 12th Feb.

The social housing partner for Paynes & Borthwick Wharves is Hexagon Housing Association who inform us that the original s106 that provided for 44 socially rented flats and 43 shared ownership flats has been amended to require merely the 44 socially rented properties.