Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gosterwood Street

This pleasing little grove of London Planes at the north-east end of Gosterwood Street, Deptford was planted in the mid 1970s after a short strech of the road from the junction with Evelyn Street was pedestrianised (see Order below). The closely planted London Planes create visual interest without a single leaf on the tree (the photographs were taken at the end of March).

Evelyn Street

The odd collection of Bollards is a LB Lewisham speciality, with different types put in at different times.



Town and Country Planning Act 1971


Made 6 October 1975

The Secretary of State for the Environment makes this Order in exercise of his powers under section 212 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971, and of all other enabling powers:-

1. Any right which persons may have to use vehicles on the highway described in Schedule 1 to this Order and shown edged black on the deposited plan is hereby extinguished.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 1 of this Order, the said highway may be used ‘by vehicles in the cases specified in Schedule 2 to this Order.

3. In this Order "the deposited plan" means the plan munbered "LH38/5024/9/07-1", marked "Highway in the London Borough of Lewisham", signed by authority of the Secretary of State and deposited at the Department of the Environment, St. Christopher House, Southwark Street, London, S.E.1.

4. This Order shall come into operation on the date on which notice that it has been made is first published in accordance with section 215(7) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971, and may be cited as the Conversion of Highways into Footpaths or Bridleways (London Borough of Lewisham) (No. 4) Order 1975.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State 6 October 1975.
An Assistant Chief Engineer in the Department of the Environment

Description of highway to which this order relates
(The distance is approxiamate)

The highway to which this Order relates is in the London Borough of Lewiaham. It is shown edged black on the deposited plan and is a length of Gosterwood Street starting at its junction with Evelyn Street and extending south westwards for a distance of 27 yards.

Cases where vehicles are permitted to use the
highway described in Schedule 1 to this Order

Where the vehicle is a vehicle of any description and is using the highway:-

(a) for police, ambulance or fire brigade purposes;

(b) on behalf of a statutory undertaker or the Post Office and engged upon the laying, erection, inspection, maintenance, alteration, repair, renewal or removal of any main, pipe, conduit, wire, cable or other apparatus for the supply of gas, water, electricity or of any te1egraphic line as defined in the Telegraph Act 1878 under, in, on, over, along or across the highway or any land adjacent to the highway;

(c) with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in unifom; or

(d) in the service of the Lewisham LBC in pursuance of statutory powers or duties.

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