Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lewisham Homes have failed again.

Yesterday on their twitter account they posted the above link to a story on their website.

Some other tweeters referred to it as a 'new' scam, and I responded that it sounded like a very old one. The truth is, as can been seen on the Crimestoppers website, the scam took place in 2005, but was closed down and the perpetrators fined. Emails that were circulated at the time warning people about the scam continue to circulate and some halfwit at Lewisham Homes received a copy yesterday. Instead of doing a simple google search, that would have revealed the truth, said halfwit posted the story as a current fact.

Today Lewisham Homes are bizarrely 'warning' people that the emails warning about the scam are a hoax. They are not a hoax, they are simply long out of date, but continue to circulate because stupid people forward such things without checking them (or even considering whether the person they received the email from is a credible source), but only the truly half-witted would dream of posting such a story on a corporate website without checking the facts.

The vast majority of emails warning about the Teddy Bear Virus, The Rapture, or the 9 year old boy dying of cancer (now 32 and long cured) who collects business cards are well documented on sites such as, Hoax-Slayer and Hoax Busters. No doubt every few weeks another envelope full of Lewisham Homes buisness cards goes in the skip at a Surrey sorting office.