Monday, March 12, 2012

Greenwich: Areas of High Archaeological Potential

The Royal Borough of Greenwich have commenced another planning consultation on Areas of High Archaeological Potential (AHAPs). Largely uncontroversial the document does need a certain amount of time and thought. A brief look reveals a number of typographical errors and minor historical inaccuracies, which in the context of individual planning applications could have deleterious effects. There are individual maps of each AHAP so the file is a chunky 27mB to download.

In order to comment online you will have to register, but the document can be downloaded without registration. The consultation closes at 11.49am (odd, but that is what it says) on Wednesday 18 April 2012.

All of Deptford that lies within Greenwich's boundaries is classified as 'Greenwich AHAP No 1 Deptford'.

The document has been produced by English Heritage and was submitted to Greenwich Council for consideration and possible adoption as part of the evidence base to support the planning policies in the Council’s Core Strategy.

There are presently 30 areas of AHAPs within the borough with the proposal that two are deleted and three new areas are created representing a total of 1719.35 hectares or 34% of the borough.

1 Deptford 32.69 hectares
2 Greenwich Town 50.73
3 Lower Creekside 16.78
4 Royal Greenwich 123.24
5 Greenwich Peninsula & Foreshore 438.89
6 Routeway Corridor 65.54
7 Shooters Hill Settlement 26.35
8 Royal Eltham 48.41
9 Eltham Park Estate 15.17
10 Eltham Lodge, Royal Blackheath Golf Course & Fairy Hill 45.37
11 Lower Belmont 2.28
12 Coldharbour Farm, Eltham 1.04
13 St Nicholas Church, Kidbrooke 1.1
14 Wricklemarsh Estate & Blackheath 20.7
15 Well Hall Pleasaunce 5.65
16 Horn Park 0.8
17 Chalton House 8.05
18 Cox’s Mount & Maryon Park 15.52
19 Pott Houses Triangle 0.77
20 West Plumstead Pottery 0.56
21 Macoma Pottery 2.51
22 Civic Core 4.68
23 Woolwich Dockyard 69.8
24 Old Woolwich 28.32
25 Royal Arsenal West 41.12
26 Royal Arsenal East 527.76
27 Plumstead High Street 19.13
28 Wickham Lane 43.79
29 Barrack Field (new area) 14.67
30 Rotunda and Repository Wood (new area) 18.4
31 Shrewsbury House (new area) 29.52
A River Shutte (proposed deletion)
B Middle Park (proposed deletion)

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