Friday, October 4, 2013

Follow the Anchor

Between noon and 3pm on Saturday 5th October, the Deptford Anchor (or a cardboard representation of the same) will be wending its way through the streets of Deptford.

Organised by Rediscovered Urban Rituals and Deptford is Forever the event starts with a gathering at the Dog and Bell PH, 116 Prince Street (near the junction with Watergate Street) which will then Progress via Deptford High Street / Deptford Market to Lewisham Arthouse on Lewisham Way. The Anchor will arive in the market about 12.45pm.

COME FOLLOW THE ANCHOR with its BEARERS and ROUGH MUSIC PLAYERS and REVEL in the SPECTACLE of this ICONIC DEPTFORD SYMBOL on its journey back to its RIGHTFUL PLACE at the head of the HIGH STREET - and beyond.

At around 3pm, the Anchor will arrive at Lewisham Arthouse in a striking crescendo of CELEBRATION and JOY. Wear your anchor tattoos and t-shirts in support.

Deptford Anchor Saga: the next chapter

Deptford X kicks off with a flourish

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