Friday, November 11, 2011

The Urban Politics of Deptford Regeneration

In my inbox this morning I find a short article by Portuguese academic Daniel Azeredo Lobo on the politics of the regeneration process we in Deptord enjoy / suffer / put up with * in University College London's journal Opticon . (*Delete as applicable)

Opticon1826, Issue 11, Autumn 2011 (pdf)

Short summary of the article:

"Report for planners on the urban politics of Deptford regeneration" is presented as an urban politics case that, focusing on a key discourse politics, analyses an unjust process of spatialization of recent regeneration initiatives in the district of Deptford in the London Borough of Lewisham. This report intends to take forward the debate on the instrumental role of spatial planning in bringing civil society to the center of regeneration policies and practices, and by adding to the discussion on the dangers of previously-sought planning agendas by local and regional government for the creation of a unified vision of place identity, that allow an unequal allocation of intervention power which leads mainly to the reinforcement of partnerships with the market sector for the sole sake of inward investment.

Short biographyof the author:

Daniel Azeredo Lobo (1982), born in V. N. de Gaia (Portugal), concluded his diploma in Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon (FAUTL) in 2006. Whilst studying he collaborated with two urbanism investigation groups at the FAUTL (Lisboa Multicidade and GESTU). In 2004 he won a scholarship to study at Faculty of Civil Architecture in Milan.
He worked at the architecture studios Herman Hertzberger Architectuurstudio (Amsterdam, 2006) and Foster and Partners (London, 2007-08), and has been working as a freelance architect-urbanist since 2008. Furthermore he has been collaborating since 2010 as a freelance researcher with an urbanism investigation group from FAUTL (GESTUAL), and developing his own research.
He was recently awarded an MSc in Urban Studies at the University College London where he developed a thesis on Urban Social Movements in Portugal.


  1. Interesting, just confirms my thoughts on whats going on with Convoys Wharf.

  2. OK so I had to read it for myself and that intro was misrepresentative. The actual report is very readable and this report is amazingly accurate and explosive...