Monday, August 10, 2009


Even by Lewisham Council's lax standards the current occupiers of 172 Deptford High Street seem to be allowed to get away with just about anything. An air-conditioning unit and cage has, between Friday afternoon and lunchtime today, been bolted to the footway in front of this shop unit. I telephoned the call centre number, published on Lewisham's website as a contact for Highways, to report the matter. After five minutes of inane tapes telling me that it was a time of heavy demand, or suchlike, I was eventually offered the call-back facility. When I was called back about 15 minutes later, I was, after I explained the situation, told that it was 'up to the shop' whatever that meant. When I asked to speak to someone who actually understood Highways matters they hung up. I then telephoned Lewisham Council's main switchboard and was put through to somebody, apparently at random, in Highways. I was told that somebody will make a visit to investigate, but I am not holding my breath.

172 is the unit of Favour UK Limited liveried as Western Union Money Transfer next to what used to be The Pilot Public House at 174. I am not able to find any record, on the Lewisham planning database, of planning permission being applied for, let alone granted, in regard of the 'Western Union' frontage. Despite complaints regarding the destruction of The Pilot's frontage Lewisham Planning have failed, and are apparently failing, to take any effective action.

Deptford High Street is supposed to be a Conservation Area, but that is an apprently an entirely meaningless designation to the paper shufflers in Catford.


  1. I would have thought this to be a planing issue as much as it should be a concern to highways. if you could email me your photo then lets both send it to Phil Ashford. also concerned about the tree protector/one way sign/bollard (ineffectual it seems) that lies forlorn on the ground on our new parking 'boulevard' formally known as Frankham street. next the tree will be driven into and that simply wont get replaced. are those stainless steel hoops up to the job?
    email going to sarah P
    good blog Bill
    keith T

  2. After a certain amount of to-ing and fro-ing with Lewisham Highways a very nice woman telephoned this afternoon to say that an inspector has visited and taken photographs. The occupiers should shortly be receiving a letter explaining firstly that their actions breach the Highways Act in obstructing, damaging (the bolts) and leaking water onto (see the close-up above) the footway; and secondly that enforcement action will follow if they do not remove it.

    If Highways can get somebody to Deptford High Street in less than a week then I do wonder why I am still waiting for responses to planning breaches reported over a year ago.

  3. The air-conditioning unit has now been removed.